Sunscape Estates RV Cooperative

Approved Minutes 

Board of Directors

Regular Meeting:  March 12, 2024





Call to Order:   Vern Beckstead, President


Prayer:   Mike Strachan

Pledge of Allegiance: 


Roll Call:  Vern Beckstead, Ken Macomber, Butch Partee, Tom Omlid, Sandy Smith, Judy Wilson,Richard Hinkle

Managers:  Larry and Reggie Jordan


Guest Speaker:  Mr. Augustus Shaw, Park Attorney, explained to the members the correct process of making changes to the bylaws and rules of the park. There were several questions from members and all were addressed to everyone’s satisfaction.


Announcements: Information request form. If a member wants some information about the park finances they are to fill out a request form available at the Welcome Center. Please allow 24 hours for such information to be available.


The issue of Potlucks and the legal waivers is tabled until the fall of 2024 meeting which will be the first Tuesday of November.

Correspondence:  None


Treasurer Report:  Sandy Smith – The month-end report as of February 29, 2024 shows there was a total of $1,624,109.68 in the  checking and savings accounts. That total includes $1,470,000.00 with Edward Jones Investments and $23,472.72 in the Money Market Savings Account.


The balance in Replacement Reserves as of February 29 was $785,709.81. The net income recognized for 2023 was $120,286.80 which will be transferred to the Replacement Reserves upon approval by the Board of Directors.


Motion: 11-24/25    To approve February 29 2024 Treasurer’s Report

1st  Judy Wilson                   2nd Richard Hinkle                          Carried


Committee Reports:   The Board requests that all Committees present a written report at each Board Meeting.

        Activity – Carolyn Musilek – No report

        Administrative Support – Paul Block – written report         

        Ambassadors – Sandy Elgin – no report

        Architectural – Ken Macomber – written

        Audit – John Yuill – No report

        Communications – Marion Wallin – written

        Election – Peggy Gisi – written

        Finance – Steve Skinner – written

        Long Range Planning & Property – Rich Klinger – written

        Park Party – Gina Bird – written

Motion:  12-24/25   To Approve Committee Reports   1s Sandy Smith,

2nd Butch Partee   Carried   


Consent Agenda:

        Approval of the Minutes for the BOD Meeting of January 2 2024

Motion 13-24/25   To Approve the items on the Consent Agenda  

1st Butch Partee      2nd  Ken Macomber                                              Carried


Pending Action Request Forms: None


Old Business:  Discussion on the odor from the sewer plant on North end of park. Management will talk to the plant operators.


New Business:  None


Motion:  14-24/25 Transfer of $120,286.80 from 2023 budget overrun to Replacement Reserve Account.

                         1st  Sandy Smith     2nd  Judy Wilson


Motion: 15-24/25   Purchase 86 new chairs for the clubhouse with money from reserve account. Approximately $12,000.00.

                          1st  Butch Partee     2nd  Ken Macomber


Meeting adjourned at 11:


Tom Omlid